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The Latest On Sensible Methods Of Dll Files

Method 11: Disable The Additional Connection

After disabling the antivirus suite if the DNS server error still appears, it is recommended you uninstall the software from your device. After installing the latest version of the device drivers, check whether dsetup.dll missing the DNS server is responding or not. Resetting the router or modem might also help to resolve the DNS server error.

Booting your device in Safe Mode can be the simplest way to resolve the DNS server error. A majority of users claim that after booting their device in Safe Mode the DNS error gets eliminated. In order to proceed with this method, carry out the undermentioned steps.

Solution 3: Flush Your Dns And Reset Your Dns Settings

  • Whatever what happens it is recommended to turn your firewall back on.
  • To do this, type the command below into the command prompt window.
  • If your network card is as shown but you still can’t connect to the internet, you may need to consult your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • Conversely, if the status of your network card is as shown below, then you are connected to the internet.
  • Sometimes firewalls may prevent you from connecting to the internet and potentially lead to the “DNS server is unavailable” error.

In case, there is an “On/Off” button on your router, just press the button and wait for a few seconds. After resetting the DNS server if the error still bothers you, we suggest you enter the MAC address on a manual basis. To do so, follow the instructions underneath. Alternatively, you can also enter as the Alternate DNS server and as the preferred DNS server.

Below are the most convenient hacks that you can try to resolve the DNS server error. So, check them and apply the appropriate method to get rid of the situation. If you’re getting DNS Server Not Responding on Windows, then there are a few things you can fix quickly and easily. I’d recommend using one of the top-rated computer maintenance programs to fit just about any computer problem. This tip is so simple that it’s easy to overlook.

Reinstall Network Drivers

After you reset the DNS server, the error should be removed from your device. While accessing a certain website, you will connect to your ISP’s DNS server automatically. But, at times, the DNS server refuses to respond due to internal bugs and glitches. Resettings the DNS server can prevent this situation. So, follow the steps in order to reset the DNS server manually.

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